What is our mission?

Language barriers are being broken down around the world. Business and enterprise are becoming multilingual. We live in an era when having an understanding of multiple languages is key. If you are multilingual, you can pursue a range of new opportunities. Also, learning new languages helps your personal development and gives you goals to work towards.

We see the importance of language in our modern society. In particular, we understand that language is vital in the study of things like research papers and other academic documents. This is why we have created ThesisOwl – a multilingual platform dedicated to research assistance in multiple languages.

Regardless of the language or research paper type, we can assist – translations and language is our speciality. If you need a document in a particular language, fear not. Our team of dedicated and skilled linguists can help instantly and provide you with the information you require.

More about us

Our team is dispersed across multiple countries. We feel this is important so that we can have a group of employees who are fluent in different languages. Regardless of how efficiently you learn a language, there is no substitute for someone who has spoken a native language from birth.

Due to our multi-national locations, our staff excel in different languages. Also, we have a high level of English language skills. This means that our work is of an exceptional standard. This includes vocabulary, grammar, and use of colloquial phrases etc.

Using our own expert knowledge of English and other languages, we help students who do not have the same understanding. We enable them to expand their language skills through research paper translations and other useful documents.

We also know that translation goes beyond a simple comprehension of words. It permeates other aspects of our lives and helps us have a greater understanding of things like culture and social differences. It can help students greatly and contribute to an improvement in education too.

Perfect translation is imperative

An underlying understanding of language is essential to deliver an accurate, quality article for students that need it. The translator must have an extensive knowledge of both languages so that the article is credible, but also so that the meaning of the article is maintained.

This includes understanding grammar, correct verb usage, and how words are used in different cultures. Also, this understanding needs to cross different subjects. The translator must be able to use the language in any circumstance – whether a historical account, a scientific research paper, or a poem, for example.

The mastery of translation is therefore key to success. An effective translation is imperative for students who want to score high marks and utilize these documents in the right manner. This is exactly what our experts can provide.

What services do we provide?

Our translation experts provide language services for any purpose. This could be dissertations, assignments, research papers, or a thesis, for example.

ThesisOwl was created to provide a multilingual service for students. We want to eliminate language barriers and ensure that all students have access to the resources they need, regardless of what language it is written in.

If you feel like you could benefit from such a service, simply email us the document or text you require translating, and any other important information you feel is relevant. We will do the rest and translate the document into the language you require!