About Translator

The translator’s name is N. Shevchenko, and this is a reference to him.

Hello! I’m Nikita Shevchenko. Born in Odessa, I live in Amsterdam.

I have been translating for more than three years, and now I am already a Bachelor and have a stable income for study and life. On thesisowl.com I am a guest member of the social project Translations Make the World More Accessible and have been translating leading scientific articles from authoritative sources for two years now. This broadened my horizons, and I realized that cutting edge information from a quality source is the key to success in life.

This summer at church I met some new friends who turned out to be blind. I decided to help them and many thousands of such people because state aid is not enough even in rich countries. Now I make audio files Live Reader for free and if someone wants to join me, write to me in PM or to the coordinator Translations MWMA David Diaz. The Ukrainian Association of the Blind (UTOS) positively assessed my initiative as a volunteer and invites everyone who is interested in cutting-edge scientific information from trusted sources to listen to my files.